30 years on from Piper Alpha
Tuesday, Jun 05, 2018
The UK offshore oil and gas industry must continue to maintain a relentless focus on safe operations, a two-day safety conference opening tomorrow (June 5, 6) in Aberdeen will be told.

Almost 700 people are attending Safety 30 – organised by Oil & Gas UK in association with the Global Offshore International Regulators Forum with Step Change in Safety as principal sponsor.  

In her opening address to conference, Deirdre Michie, Oil & Gas UK Chief Executive, will say:

“Thirty years on from the Piper Alpha disaster, our conference provides an opportunity to consider and reflect on a number of themes: the past, the journey we have taken on safety over three decades driven by the legacy of that dreadful night and its aftermath; the present – the way in which operations today continue to be shaped as a result of Piper Alpha, and the future – the challenges we must embrace to ensure we retain a relentless focus on safe operations in an ever changing and challenging business and operational environment.

“Crucially we must continually think the unthinkable in our industry – as even though there was an appreciation of major accident hazards at risks at the time of Piper Alpha, the scale of the incident that unfolded was unimaginable. And quite rightly, it represented a watershed moment for health and safety in our industry.”

Martin Temple, Chair of the Health and Safety Executive, will also tell conference:

“The impact of the Piper Alpha disaster created a ripple effect that had far reaching consequences, not just for the oil and gas industry but for the management of health and safety across all high hazard operations.

“As an industry – across regulators, operators and the supply chain we must remain focused on how our activities can prevent another major incident.”

Conference will then hear from Lord Cullen whose exhaustive public inquiry into the 1988 disaster led to the health and safety regime industry has today.

Key industry and regulatory figures from around the world are among those attending the event which will also hear of the need to ensure offshore skills and experience is passed on to the next generation.

For more information, please visit: https://safety30.co.uk/
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