Dynamically Positioned in Dubai
Wednesday, Nov 09, 2011

Maersk Training Svendborg has signed a five-year agreement with the major Middle Eastern marine technology supplier Elcome to conduct courses at their Dubai headquarters. The first courses will be on Marine Technology (MT)equipment for dynamic positioning.
Elcome are the only providers in the Middle East of MT equipment and their business extends beyond the region to the Caspian Sea. In Dubai they have the facilities to demonstrate equipment and now in association with Maersk Training, who have the globally recognized training programmes and instructors, customers can benefit from a complete package.
Twenty participants from the Italian oil giants Saipem have already signed-up and the first of a series of courses will be conducted in early November. Initially using instructors from Maersk Training Svendborg the intention is to establish a solid foundation and calendar and then bring online a locally-based instructor.
The agreement was signed at Elcome's Dubai headquarters in September between Elcome's Executive Director Jimmy Grewal and Maersk Training's Sales and Marketing Manager Mikael Kofod. Mikael explained how the cooperation came about.
Maersk Training has looked upon the Middle East as being full of potential in terms of being a centre for providing a quality workforce for both the oil & gas and maritime industries.
'I was doing a background study for the region and the name Elcome kept coming up. I set up a meeting with the intention of recommending a training programme to them. Quickly both parties realized that it was not Elcome who needed training but that their customers would most benefit from it. They have excellent facilities and we have the knowhow – it's a perfect combination,' says Mikael.

Apart from being a leading equipment supplier Elcome also service ships in the region, averaging between 400 and 600 vessel visits a month.
Maersk Training's Chief Maritime Instructor, Søren Rossẻ Segel says, 'it is a great opportunity to expand our activities and possibilities in a virgin market. It is a response to Elcome customer demand and we are very pleased to be establishing ourselves in Dubai.'

Maersk Training is globally recognized by the Nautical Institute as a certified provider of Dynamic Positioning training and already has conducted a broad range of other courses in the Middle East. There are a number of subjects matters under discussion and certain specific courses are currently being certified. Added to that one of the two mobile crane simulators, CraneSIM is currently in Bahrain having started training crane drivers in Oman. MTS instructors have also conducted vetting and anti-piracy courses in Kuwait and onboard vessels in the Gulf.

Source: Maersk Training

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