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Professional Diving Academy has been awarded with a new Kirby Morgan 47 Rex demand helmet from renowned diving equipment manufacturer, Kirby Morgan
Monday, Aug 20, 2012

A world leading Commercial Diving Training Academy been awarded with a new Kirby Morgan 47 Rex demand helmet from renowned diving equipment manufacturer, Kirby Morgan.

Kirby Morgan President, Connie, Lyn Morgan, chose the recent Seawork 2012 Exhibition in Southampton, England, to present the Professional Diving Academy’s clearly delighted Training Manager, Neil MacMillan, with the gleaming new helmet on their stand during the opening day of the exhibition.  Connie is the daughter of the legendary Bev Morgan, who alongside partner Bob Kirby founded the famous diving helmet company over fifty years ago in Santa Barbara, California.  The Kirby Morgan name is now synonymous with the commercial diving industry and their distinctive helmets can be found adorning diver’s heads on underwater worksites across the entire planet.  

“Kirby Morgan has a long history of supporting training excellence and we particularly wanted trainee divers at the Professional Diving Academy to experience the very latest design innovation that our company has to offer, specifically the KM 47 which is fitted with our REX® Regulator” said Morgan.   “The REX® Regulators full adjustment balanced piston is a breakthrough design that exceeds the requirements of all government or other testing agencies and it has the best work-of-breathing performance when compared to any other commercial diving regulator and we will be interested in the feedback which we receive from PDA delegates.”

“On behalf of the Professional Diving Academy I would like to thank Kirby Morgan for this very generous gift,” said MacMillan.  “We are naturally delighted to be associated with such a highly reputable company whose expertise and commitment to the commercial diving industry is recognised across the world. I cannot wait to incorporate this new helmet into our equipment portfolio and to pass onto KMDSI the feedback which will be received from our delegates.”

The Professional Diving Academy is one of the newest and most modern diver training schools in the world and has a unique link to the diving industry through its ADC registered sister company Shearwater Marine Services, which is one of the UK’s largest inshore marine civil engineering diving companies. This vital interface with the commercial diving world allows PDA delegates to experience an unrivalled industry relevant training programme, which teaches fundamental diving and working skills in a job realistic environment. It has a well-established reputation for delivering highly-advanced diver training courses and its globally recognised certification continues to provide exciting and lucrative global employment opportunities for its graduates.

Source: Professional Diving Academy

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