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Top Industry Training Professionals form new company, Energy Training Solutions.
Tuesday, Oct 09, 2012

Training Today to Build Tomorrow’s Industry Leaders

(Houston, Texas, October 9, 2012) Energy Training Solutions (ETS) has the experience the Oil and Gas Industry can rely on and trust.  Seven key industry leaders have come together and founded Energy Training Solutions (“ETS”) with a combined total of over 200 years of experience in the Oil and Gas Industry. The trainers who are also Partners are Joyce Thomas, Peter Kosewicz, Jane Williams, P.E., Gregg Perkin, P.E. and Greg McCormack.  Altogether these educators/trainers cover all segments of the industry – upstream (exploration and production), midstream (pipelines and gas plants) and the downstream (refining and petrochemicals). It is the depth of their experience that makes ETS unique in the industry.  All the five educators/trainers are well recognized in the industry for their experience and dedication by serving on numerous committees to make the industry safer and more productive. These educators/trainers have worked in operations, design, technical assurance, and health, safety and environment areas for the Oil and Gas Industry.
All the employees of ETS share a passion and a commitment to training. It is the very reason why the company was founded.  ETS is committed to providing the most up to date training to the highest industry standards, and content and delivery of the training will always be the most important driving force behind all ETS courses. ETS cares about the success of every one of their clients and strives to see that each client excels.  Greg McCormack, states it this way, “the way we measure excellence is the effect that our training has on our client’s success in meeting their personal goals and the corporate goals where they work, and we believe strongly that effective training has to deliver results both personally and professionally.  And we stand behind this belief.”

From the field to the boardroom, ETS offers a full suite of Oil and Gas training courses.  ETS has the expertise to teach oil and gas courses starting with drilling, completions, all phases of production, custody transfer measurement of oil and gas, gas plant and refinery operations. ETS currently offers and delivers customized programs for several large corporations in the industry. The ETS trainers love the challenge to create specialized programs for individual corporations to help solve the many day-to-day challenges they face.

The ETS training team has developed innovative training methods, knowing that individuals and generations learn differently, and apply these techniques in the courses for long-term recall and implementation.  ETS trainers also recognize that different information and technologies may require an alternative approach to how training is delivered.  ETS is committed to delivering the right training the right way. “One size fits all approach” definitely does not apply to the courses that ETS provides to its customers.

In addition, the Rig School, which was originally taught by the ETS principals, is now continued here at ETS’s Houston office and in London.  The Rig School focus is on the Offshore Industry, where unique challenges exist to drilling offshore particularly in deep water. This course explains how oil and gas wells are drilled in a marine environment and the unique challenges that must be overcome. This course will also help corporations understand why insurance claims are so high.  The Rig School has a strong focus for the financial areas of the oil and gas industry which is key for those in the various professions relating to Insurance Brokers, Underwriters, Oilfield Service and Operating Companies, Attorneys, Accountants, Claims and New Hires, which will all derive significant value from this course to enhance their careers. ETS has the top trainers that deliver pertinent information to those seeking knowledge and a competitive advantage.

About Energy Training Solutions (ETS)

Energy Training Solutions is a group of highly trained and well known professionals in the Oil & Gas Industry that have come together to form a new company focusing on training and education. For more information contact Energy Training Solutions, 1310 Kingwood Dr. Ste. #100, Kingwood, TX 77339  (281) 783-5265 Office or (888) 870-7331 Toll Free and log on to

Sarah Desborough
Sales & Marketing Consultant
Energy Training Solutions, LLC


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